Reinstate the Original Human Being


The larger part of the world’s population seeks the improvement of their lives. Each human being can make changes by remembering our original skills fuelled by Heart frequency. You also have a spark of Heart Consciousness within you; therefore, you can start remembering your Original Creative Power and use it practically in your daily life.
The book ‘Reinstate the Original Human Being, Live Heart consciousness in your daily Life’ is the translation of the printed version in Dutch.

It provides insights into where you come from, the overruling role of the reptilian brain and how you can allow Heart Consciousness to lead. It also translates the well-known daily routine into the still almost unknown new reality based on Heart Consciousness. This reality is a complete shift from the old. It entails, among others, transparency, sovereignty, authority, Self-governance, Discernment, and equal exchange of Life Force Energy.

In the second edition, we have made some textual and layout improvements. We updated Chapter 7 and some topics we have elaborated on a little further. For further details, click here.

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