eBook Reinstate the Original Human Being

Live Heart Consciousness in your daily life

eBook Reinstate the Original Human Being
eBook Reinstate the Original Human Being
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Publisher Human Innovator
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ISBN: 978-90-832447-3-0
English, eBook in PDF-format for laptop, computer and tablet (non-printable), 210 pages.
Second edition

Publisher: Human Innovator
© Human Innovator, 28 December 2022  

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Humanity and the Earth need a profound change, but what does that really mean?

Is humanity ready to take responsibility for Self-governance after millennia of functioning in complete imposed dependence on external authorities?

Are you ready for a new reality in which the spark of Heart Consciousness within you will be leading? Are you prepared to Be the Being who you indeed are?

Heart Consciousness is undefined Consciousness with Heart Frequency, the pure high vibration of unconditional love. Original Human Beings always resonate with this consciousness in their keynote as sovereign creating beings. However, in the old reality of the Metatron Cube matrix, most people got stuck in the routines of daily life due to suppressive influences. They even seemed to be disconnected from Heart Consciousness.

Against all odds and no matter how unimaginable it may seem, there is still a spark of Heart Consciousness in every human being. Heart Consciousness is opening continuously all over the world. Coupled with the regained Right to Self-governance, it becomes visible in those who use the qualities and skills of the Original Human Being to create a whole new reality.

This book describes how you can open Heart Consciousness, or even more within you, in the current transition of the entire Earth and live that daily. The book also scopes the various aspects of living in the old matrix. Practically and recognisably, it becomes clear from where humanity is now rising.

The rising from an existence in which the outside world was one big distraction for humans to prevent them from being present in themselves requires courage, perseverance, and powerful authority. Each individual human being rises with compassion for himself and others on his unique path to reinstate the Original Human Being. You play the leading part in this book as an Original Human Being.

Click here to get a glimpse of the book, its table of content, the introduction, and the index. In the second edition, we have made some textual and layout improvements. We updated Chapter 7 and some topics we have elaborated on a little further.

About the authors
Jolande Pit and Niek van Duivenbooden have authored this book together based on their lifelong exploration of how Heart Consciousness resonates in their daily lives. In addition to these experiences, they have used their daily discoveries to translate the commonly known daily routines into the still almost unknown life as an Original Human Being in a world full of Heart Consciousness.


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Eye and heart opening
ROHB review

Eye and heart opening

First off, I’m grateful for the patience of the authors. Trusting heart consciousness to spread the word about those concepts is a significant paradigm shift for me. I lived through the era of websites like BitTorrent which gave rise to the entertainment industry having to create Netflix, iTunes and Crunchyroll.

Another major shift happened as I took the time to read the book. I felt so shocked. So many puzzle pieces fell into place! Everybody should know about this! And again having to learn not to be lead by adrenaline (shock, surprise, outrage, wonder, etc…) but rather by the heart.

I had to deploy some efforts to get into this material but it is worth it and…well, it helps to remember that we are never alone facing such challenges. Source’s guidance pulled me through so I trust that it will for you as well…in the way that is most appropriate for you.