eBook Co-creating Alignment & Synergy

How to realise the Vision of restoring Earth together

eBook Co-creating Alignment & Synergy
eBook Co-creating Alignment & Synergy
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Publisher Human Innovator
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ISBN: 978-90-832447-4-7
English, eBook in PDF-format for laptop, computer and tablet (non-printable), 112 pages.

Publisher: Human Innovator
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Reinstate the planet Earth

In our book, Reinstate the Original Human Being, we have a chapter on sovereignty, authority and carefulness. These are some of the elements needed for the restoration of the Earth.

Reinstating the Earth is a multidisciplinary challenge that humanity is now facing, and it requires the commitment of everyone. To achieve it, people in their communities (village, town, etc.) can design local action plans based on their shared vision. To optimise the implementation of these plans, they will take into account the needs of these local people, the opportunities for collaboration and the sharing of resources at different scales. This also means improving the way we do things. To strengthen co-creation and achieve real impact, this book introduces the concept of Alignment & Synergy (A&S).

Alignment & Synergy reverses compartmentalisation and fragmen¬tation by aligning stakeholders and realising the shared vision through the synergy of the activities of different actors.

This eBook first explains the need for A&S and describes the prerequisites. Using practical examples from integrated development projects, it highlights the potential types of synergies for A&S over short and long distances. The importance of a multi-scale approach to designing a local action plan is emphasised. To increase the opportunities for A&S between current and future actors and to draw on the experience of past actors, a form is included to capture the essential information of their activities. Although the focus has been on the land and water sectors in some African countries, the A&S principles are applicable everywhere.

One of the conclusions is that A&S can improve collaboration between people, projects and social and commercial organisations. This can increase the impact of all actors to reinstate the Earth and humanity. It has become a practical book that invites you to work with a group to realise their shared vision.

It has become a practical book that invites you, the reader, to work with a group to realise your shared vision; to achieve impact. The mission of our company Trimpact is to support the creation of impact in countries, especially in Africa.

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About the author
Niek van Duivenbooden obtained his PhD in 1995 with a thesis on integrated multi-scale land use planning based on applied research within various development projects in several African countries. He then continued to work for and in Africa, actively developing and implementing A&S as a new framework for partnerships between people, projects, and organisations. This book draws some lessons from that work.


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