Our eBooks on Reinstate

The first book, entitled 'Reinstate the Original Human Being - Live Heart Consciousness in Daily Life', was written by Jolande and Niek together. After years of researching Consciousness together and blogging about their progress, by the end of 2021 it was time to publish it as a book. After rewriting and adding new information, the book was published in Dutch in July 2022. This version has since been translated into English and published, for the moment, only as an eBook.

One of the chapters focuses on the concepts of Sovereignty, Authority and Carefulness. These are building blocks that, in a broader perspective, contribute to reinstating the Earth. Niek elaborated on this in early 2023 based on his work experience in the book 'Co-creating Alignment & Synergy, How to realise the Vision of restoring the Earth together'.

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